Point of Contentment combines the art and science of linguistics, psychology and marketing to create engaging and compelling content for you.

A picture is worth a thousand words – as the adage goes.


How is that relevant, I hear you say.

Well, read on and all will make sense.  But let’s first discuss the services we offer here at Point of Contentment.


Web Copy

sharp, to the point and an effective copy for your website SEO. 

Business Related Material

we can create highly professional business plans, policy statements, tender documents, health and safety reports and other business-related pieces to meet your organisational needs.

Content Creation

well researched, informative, captivating content and articles for your business.


Brochures, catalogues, Facebook or google ads, we can embellish all with catchy and compelling content, copy tailored to fit your specific requirements.

Listings and Landing Pages

whether you are offering goods or services or meeting people’s needs or desires, we will create SEO and keyword-rich content that can really sell.

whether it is something from the list above, or work that does not neatly fit into any of these categories, get in touch and we are certain that we will be able to create a custom package to meet your needs.

Other Services:

We work closely and frequently with talented professionals from other disciplines such as web developers, graphic designers, SEO specialists, social media and marketing managers, and Amazon FBA account managers so if you are looking for quotes in these areas then let us know and we can put you through or we can even project manage your work for you so that you can be free to concentrate on your day job.

 We have long-term relations with these individuals and companies, which gives us leverage over them that a one-off customer might not feel they possess.

Ok, so back to that oft-repeated proverb we started with:

A picture is worth a thousand words.

This proverb is actually attributed to American newspaper editor Tess Flanders in relation to publishing and advertising strategy.

It certainly holds a lot of truth.  But equally true is the fact that words, when put together well, can conjure the most vivid of pictures in one’s mind.

In fact, some of the most powerful pictures are those that are never drawn but left to the imagination – with some words of inspiration.

We have all experienced how watching a film, as brilliant as it may be, does not compare to reading the book that the film may have been based on.

For me personally, one such book/film that comes to mind is ‘The Godfather’ by Mario Puzo.  The film adaption was brilliant.  But the book goes into details that it would be impossible to cover in a film.  I have read the book 7 times over.

At Point of Contentment, copy and content creation is all we do and we are great at it.

Bring your story to life.  Use our words to inspire pictures in the minds of your audience.

Feel free to peruse this website to learn more about our services or simply call us to find out how we can help.