Content Creation

As Bill Gates once hailed: content is king. He was right: to remain relevant in today’s heavily digitalised society, you need to become a constant source of entertainment and education for your audience. Producing and distributing content achieves this, because it allows you to communicate important information in a manner that is both engaging, and easy, to consume.

Producing content, however, takes work. This is because your content marketing strategy has to hit three targets: quality, consistency and variety.

Quality: Churning out low quality content can be detrimental to your brand image and reputation. The people who view your content, though online, are ultimately human. This means your content cannot afford to be anything less than aesthetically appealing – poor visuals, pixelated graphics and a jarring colour scheme will not even catch the eye of the most digitally unaware. You must also remember that you are competing amongst a tide of other companies likely to be funding the production of high-quality content. This means ensuring your digital presence stands out against the competition, whilst remaining truly representative of your standard of product/service/values.

Consistency: Producing quality content is not enough, however. Unfortunately, we exist in a rapid-swipe culture which means the content you make ages quickly. Content must be thought of as disposable: your audience would not be delighted to find that the only published articles on your website are those from 2016. It is important, therefore, that you can commit to consistent content distribution which allows you to frequently remind your audience how great you really are.

Variety: Variety is the spice of life. This applies as much to content as it does to our existence. This means your business needs to explore the different mediums through which it can create content, including: email newsletters, articles, infographics, quotes and images. Sound tiring? It doesn’t have to be – get in contact now and leave your content creation to Point of Contentment.