How much to charge for writing web content in the UK


Before we start, it is useful to note that there exists no right or wrong way to calculate how much to charge for writing web content. That said, the amount you charge ought to be reasonable, as this will drive which customers decide to use your services. You might be wondering, therefore, what is a ‘reasonable’ figure to charge? Well, this balances on many different factors – from location to experience-level, length of copy and subject speciality. Do not fear, however, as this article will detail in greater length what these factors look like in terms of actual, average rates for writing web content in the UK.

Ways of calculating how much to charge for writing web content

There are many methods you can use to charge for web content. Some copywriters charge by the hour, others by the page, word count, or a flat-rate project fee. It is important to charge your customers in a way that creates a fair negotiation and gives you security. Very often, charging by the hour is frowned upon for inciting exceedingly low rates. The freelance writing rates per word in 2020 varied from about 25p – 95p per word. As such, you ought to be careful before making any agreements that what you’re getting paid is realistic and representative of your service.


Working out a reasonable rate

In terms of working out a realistic rate, one must understand the factors that influence how much to charge for writing web content. We will now at these in a little more detail.

Experience level

Experience level is perhaps one of the main factors driving industry rates. The more senior you become, the more you can justify charging higher fees. With little to no copy portfolio, it is highly unlikely a client would cater to such a costly fee if they cannot find evidence for this in your previous work.


So, what are the industry averages depending on experience level? It is said that for you junior copywriters, the day-rate starts at around £200 – £250 (although it is important to note that this can vary regionally, i.e. with with higher rates in London). For senior copy-writers, these rates take a much higher range of £800-£1000 a day, with some professionals even looking at an excess of £2000. These are the kind of rates only industry experts can charge. What is important to note, however, is that of the second factor we will look at: the type of content you’re producing, and how much of it you’re required to produce.


Type of content

There are many types of web content one can write. You might be producing the copy for an entire website and its product descriptions, or wondering: how much should I charge for writing a script? Indeed, these different types of copy hold different value. A one-off article certainly holds much less value than that of a marketing-related press release. While this may seem unfair, it is simply the nature of the business – sales-driven writing tends to pay better.


So, taking into consideration experience level and type of content, these are the sorts of average industry rates we are looking at:

Content writing pricing list (provided by


Article writing pricing

If you’re just starting out and wondering how to much to charge for a 500 word article you have been requested to write – look no further. For a junior, you’ll be looking at around £34 for a 500 word article, whilst mid-levels and experts can expect to charge rates between £56 – £123.


Website content pricing

As aforementioned, web copy can be slightly more lucrative than article writing. As such, for a junior, says you’ll be looking at charging around £40 for a 600 words of web copy, which can increase to £101 for 1,500 words. As an expert, you’d be looking at figures of around £148 to £269 for 600 and 1,500 words respectively.



It is important to reiterate that these figures are not set in stone, and you can adjust them as you see fit – and over time as you experience level increases. Also note that there are a multiplicity of other factors to consider than those noted here, including whether you’re writing about a specialty topic, and who exactly you’re writing for (i.e. SME vs huge corporation). Happy pricing!