What is a content writer, and what do they do?

First things first, it’s important to outline what becoming a content writer actually entails. A content writer is someone who produces copy which acts content for brands and businesses. For example, some brands may have their own blog which you write the articles for, or perhaps a new construction business needs catchy text for their new website.

It is therefore important that the content writer works closely alongside their client to establish the tone of voice and kind of content they’re required to cover. This way, brands and businesses can ensure the ‘content’ they put out into the world is engaging and reflective of their values/products/services.

So – if you’re a keyboard wizard, grammatical genius or passionate writer: a career in content writing may just be for you. That said, there are many ways one can fulfil this kind of role: it might be in an agency, freelance or in-house for a company. If you have little to no experience, however, any one of these routes may be daunting. This article will therefore detail exactly how to become a content writer.

How to become a content writer

  1. Decide your niche, and what content you’d like to write.

There’s no point saying you want to ‘write content’ for brands and businesses because content writing covers a very broad spectrum of things. Content differs by type and subject matter. Some content writing examples include: a beauty based article for a makeup blog; the Instagram captions for a sportswear company; product reviews for a ceramic shop. Because you this, you need to decide what kind of content you’re good at writing, and also what subjects you are able to write about.


  1. Get experience and start building a professional portfolio.

Now that you’ve decided your niche, you’re going to want to look at building a portfolio before you start looking at jobs. That way, your future clients can get a feel for your writing style and ability, making them more likely to book you.


Obviously, you’re here because you don’t actually have experience yet. The good thing is that ‘content writing experience’ doesn’t need to directly translate as actual work/job experience. There exist plenty of content writing courses online which you can include in your CV. Or, if you’re looking for a free alternative, you could even follow a content writing tutorial on YouTube (they do exist!). Again, you can put this straight on your CV as evidence of your writing skills.


This is an entirely optional route to take and is by no means a mandatory step to becoming a content writer. If you have enough faith in your writing ability and knowledge of content writing, then by all means start building your portfolio straight away. If you haven’t got concrete job experience, a great start to a portfolio is beginning your own blog. WordPress and many other sites offer free hosting for this purpose, so showing off your talent comes at no extra cost! So, what is there to lose? Get writing!


  1. Get work!

Now that you have decided your niche, built your portfolio, and got a little experience under your belt – get out there and start searching! Whether you’re wondering how to become a content writer in India, the UK or the North Pole – the internet is your very best friend. After all, if you’re wondering how to become an online writer in the first place, you’ll need to have some degree of digital literacy!

There are so many platforms out there which allow YOU, free of charge, to showcase your portfolio and find work. These sites tend to run as a bidding process – that is, the client releases an offer of work, and various freelancers who wish to undertake that work place bids to ‘win’ the work. The client can then choose which freelance they wish to work with. See why it’s so important to have a portfolio now?


How much does a content writer make

If you’ve got this far, you might be wondering – what is a typical content writer salary? After all, if you’re hoping to turn this from a side-hustle into a full time job, you want to know if this kind of work pays the bills. According to payscale.com, the average salary of a content writer in the UK is £23k. Of course, it is not to be taken as gospel that this is the salary you will receive. Content writer salaries can vary hugely based on what kind of content you’re producing, how experienced you are and who it is you’re working for. Make sure they’re generous!