Listings and Landing Page

The two core proponents of an effective marketing strategy for your website are: a) getting found by your audience, and b) once found, converting this audience into potential clients/customers. Listings and landing pages are two ways of achieving this.

We can help ensure that you are not only finding customers – but that you are finding the right customers. This involves effectively listing your business, from getting featured on the right online directories to a successful display advertising strategy. This can be a complex job, involving everything from appropriate audience segmentation and selecting the right keywords/phrases to identify your USP. Sound difficult? It doesn’t have to be – leave it with us.

As for landing pages – they might look basic, but they are actually created to deliver a very specific purpose. Whatever that specific purpose or call to action may be, we will help you create it, and do so effectively. Whether you are inspiring signups for your email marketing campaign, promoting a purchasable PDF, or simply aiming to drive more traffic to your site: we will handle it.

How? There’s a science to high converting landing pages which involves making the content and copy you add to it extremely informative, eye-catching, and easy to consume. Everything from the right color scheme to an appropriate and well-placed call to action must be carefully considered. This will not only ensure high website rankings but deliver of the right sales tactics to transform your audience into customers.

With our experience, we can guarantee all the key characteristics for a perfect landing page are met, complete with keyword-rich content that will enable effective conversion of your visitors into leads. Landing pages aren’t that simple, but they don’t have to be difficult either. Get in touch today to transform the potential reach of your landing pages and achieve the leads your business deserves.

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