Striving for constant innovation, BIOMILQ is a female-founded revolutionary business. Empowering mothers across the globe with cultured breast milk.

Firstly, to understand the importance of such an innovation, breastfeeding’s inherent difficulties must be understood. Despite being a natural process that has allowed mammals to colonise the globe, breastfeeding requires a tremendous amount of energy. It can be a physiologically and psychologically draining process. In addition to the multitude of medical and genetic factors contributing to lactation and milk production, the added stigma associated with breastfeeding and the societal pressures of employment, stress, and modern life render breastfeeding a challenge, if not impossible.

BIOMILQ looks to eliminate these challenges faced by mothers everywhere. Collecting mammary epithelial cells from the expecting mother, BIOMILQ then transfers these cells into a cultured solution in their state-of-the-art lab, where the ideal conditions for cell replication and milk synthesis are provided. Once the perfect conditions are reached, the epithelial cells are stimulated to produce milk through a series of molecular cues. From there, the milk undergoes rigorous testing to ensure nutrient quality and safety before being returned to the mother.

The implications of BIOMILQ are this, nutrient-dense milk for the most precious beings on the planet. Anytime, anywhere. Breastfeeding is often abandoned before the recommended six-month period due to a lack of milk production, latching issues, and societal stigma. BIOMILQ ensures that all mothers can give their children the highest quality nutrition, no matter the circumstances. BIOMILQ has the perfect combination of proteins, lipids and sugars, along with thousands of unique molecular factors that humans have produced for millions of years. It contains all the hormones and growth factors essential for proper development, antimicrobial factors and antibodies, including immunoglobulin IgA, which supports a baby’s developing immune system. Necessities that cannot be met by traditional formulas derivative of a combination of mammalian and plant-based milk.

Overall, BIOMILQ offers the ‘breast is best’ philosophy with the convenience of formula, allowing women the world over the freedom to give their child the best start possible, without the fear of compromising their child’s health and development.

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