What is a content marketing strategist?

Having entered the digital era, there is more content to consume than ever. Social media, blogs, websites – all of these are fresh, digital sources of information we have at our fingertips. These new sources nonetheless require the human capital to produce that information, and on a recurring basis too. This is where the whole roster of content jobs come in – everything from content creators to content writers and content strategist jobs. These are the people who produce the copy and graphics for us to consume. In which case, you might be wondering: what even is a content creator, or what does a content strategist do?


Content creators and writers are individuals who produce the actual content itself. While this is vital, it is not enough – content in and of itself is unlikely to: a) be completely tailored to its audience and b) achieve the impact it is required to achieve. For brands and businesses, these two aims are extremely important to successfully market their products – the more of their ‘target audience’ who come into contact with their content, the more likely it is that these leads will be converted into sales/business.


This is where content marketers and strategists come in. Content marketing – as it says on the tin – is all about using content for marketing purposes. That is using material like blog articles and to achieve the aim of selling products/services. How is this possible? Well – content marketing differs to traditional marketing, in so far that the purpose of content marketing is not to interrupt its audience, but attract it. As such, the content needs to be valuable and engaging to its audience.  It is therefore the job of the content marketing strategists to ensure this is the case. Content strategists therefore take the role of directing the look, feel and purpose of the content. That way, the right content can be put out to the right people, making brands and businesses more likely to promote their products/services to those who will actually want and buy them.

How to become a content strategist

Now you’ve heard how interesting a content strategist job can be – perhaps you’re wondering how to go about becoming one, or even what the content strategist career path looks like. It is important, first off, to look at all the different content strategist skills which need to be evidenced in that all important content strategist portfolio.

Content strategists are essentially multi-hyphenates – that is because ‘strategy’ is a holistic role which requires oversight and direction of the entire process. Content strategists therefore need to have input at the conception of content, all the way to its publication. Let’s look at what a few of these skills entail.


  1. You need to be creative and capable of thinking outside the box

Creativity is an important facet of almost all content-based jobs. This is because of the sheer volume of content that is currently created and consumed in the digital, and non-digital, spheres today. As such, it is vital that those who are produced and directing new content can contribute to making something original – the likelihood is that your customer has seen that kind of blog article or Instagram post before, so how are you going to stand out in this content saturated environment?


  1. You need to be capable of writing, editing and creating content yourself

Obviously it is not the job of content strategists to actually produce the content – but it is vital for such people to have a solid grasp on the know-how of its creation. After all, how are you going to direct the people creating the content if you have no idea what this process even looks like yourself?


  1. You need to be a confident leader

This goes without saying. Producing content often requires teams of people with different skillsets (like writing and graphic design), and so content strategists must have the managerial capacity to cope with this successfully.


  1. You need to have an analytical mind

Strategy is as much about analytical patterns as it as about being creative. Because content strategy is all about producing the right content for the right audience, strategists need to be responsive to facts and figures which indicate what and where the demand lies.

Sounds like a lot of skills hey? Well, you did ask what does content strategist do – and we can confirm that it is many things. This is why a content strategist salary oversees averages of around £40,000 in the UK. That’s almost twice the average salary of a content writer.